Specsavers Optometry Educational Evening

A night spent delving into the safer management of removing corneal foreign bodies with me and a deep dive into OCT interpretation with Dr Michael Hennessy. Huge thanks to Cathy our optometry liaison officer for organising such a splendid evening and to Jade our excellent George Street Eye Centre and Laser Eye Surgery Suite Practice […]

ASCRS Annual Meeting 2024

💫ASCRS @ascrsofficial 2024 ❤️ was super, super busy. The busiest yet: three posters, two courses, one film, one paper, two wetlabs. And a whole lot in between.

Covergirl Moment

Very excited to see our article featured on the front cover at the Cataract And Refractive Society Stall at ASCRS – our approach to pre-operative considerations and planning written with the phenomenal @nicoleframmd in Middle Segment Surgery ie Complex Anterior Segment Surgery. If you aren’t familiar with Dr Fram’s work, you simply must watch her lecture on […]


Thankyou to the steering committee A/Prof Smita Agarwal, Drs David Gunn and Ben Lahood for the invitation to be part of the teaching faculty this weekend. It was so lovely to learn from our keynote speaker Dr David Lubeck and I was exceptionally proud of my clinical lead orthoptist @justineeeo for speaking to a roomful of surgeons, […]

Unconscious Gender Bias Course Launch

❤️ For the last few years, we’ve been working examining the evidence underpinning Unconscious Gender Bias and its impact on Women in Ophthalmology and Medicine and equally, the evidence behind the best ways to engender positive change. 💪 So it’s very exciting to announce the launch of our course on Unconscious Gender Bias at The […]

20th International SCHWIND User Meeting

Kickstarting 2024 with my first international meeting – attending the @schwind.laser Schwind User Meeting held in Dubai – some amazing memories, lots of learning to be had, and so lovely to meet some new friends and colleagues.

Pterygium Fellowship – A personal note

On a personal note about the Pterygium Fellowship…. From the PMs received, I should make a little clarification – this fellowship was performed on top of my full time commitments, not instead of 🥰. 🤔If I were to be perfectly honest, with my schedule, I needed another fellowship like I needed a hole in the […]


I am delighted to announce that last month, I graduated from my third fellowship – this time in the area of Pterygium Surgery using the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. technique under the kind mentorship and guidance of Professor Lawrie Hirst. It has been an undertaking for the last 12 months in the background and I am incredibly grateful […]

World Association of Eye Hospitals – Osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP)

Very proud of my medical student @zoewei_ for her recent presentation about our new technique for surgical correction of erosion of the osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (OOKP), where we were very grateful to be assisted by @microrec which facilitated innovation between two surgeons and two different countries in live time with their new operating microscope adapter. Thankyou to […]