38th Annual ANZ Cornea Society and Eye Bank Meeting

Honoured to be invited to present at my first ANZ Cornea Society and Eye Bank Meeting, not held in person since the pandemic.

It was so very lovely to meet some of the faces I have looked up to for years and make their acquaintance and learn from their wealth of experience. We are really so lucky to have such a lovely, generous and sharing culture in Cornea and Eye Banking in Australia and New Zealand.

Thankyou to Dr Andrea Ang for the kind invitation to speak to share in the innovations of the Australian Keratoprothesis Service and raise awareness of the unit.

Catching up with Dr Nicholas Toalster, one of the original Ophthalmic Wolfpack Members.

The key message is that the Service is open and available for all patients with severe bilateral corneal blindness where corneal transplantation is not a viable option. We offer the Boston Kerato-Prosthesis (Type 1) and the modified Oseto-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis depending on the severity and involvement of the disease processes.

Special thanks to Drs Greg Moloney (founder) who would have loved to have been there and to Dr Konrad Hille (Dusseldorf, Germany) who was instrumental in flying out and helping Australia set up this program in 2014.

Dr Andrew Apel (Brisbane) to my right and Dr Rob Paul (Perth) to my left.

Excited to catch up with some old ex-Toronto Cornea Fellowship fellows from all over Australia. Until next year!