Thankyou to the steering committee A/Prof Smita Agarwal, Drs David Gunn and Ben Lahood for the invitation to be part of the teaching faculty this weekend.

It was so lovely to learn from our keynote speaker Dr David Lubeck and I was exceptionally proud of my clinical lead orthoptist @justineeeo for speaking to a roomful of surgeons, especially when we thought there were going to be other optometrists and orthoptists in the audiencešŸ¤—.

I also learned so much from Dr Paul Harrison into the psychology of patient decision making. The literature states that health literacy around cataract awareness and treatments is particularly poor in Australia, so we have our work cut out for us to improve upon this.

Every patient deserves to know their options tailored to their needs, but the myriad of options on offer can make it a very confusing and scary place for patients to navigate. Workshopping the different ways that surgeons communicate the risks and benefits of each technology was particularly entertaining and insightful.

I was grateful for the opportunity to speak about my philosophy behind communication flow in and out of the practise and to host the evening’s gala activities.

Thankyou to Alcon for the opportunity and I look forward to seeing how this space develops.


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