An Australian-Canadian Collaboration

This week I had the unique privilege of operating on an osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis revision with the oculoplastics input of Dr Peter Martin and A/Prof Greg Moloney’s real-time surgical advisory input from Vancouver, Canada using the new @microrecbr surgical microscope camera adapter.

To give some context, these operations are incredibly rare – few surgeons around the world have expertise in this surgical niche, hence the immense benefit of being able to rely on experienced opinion on the other side of the world.

An Australian-Canadian first, this technology allowed us to live-stream the surgical view seen down the microscope (my operating view) from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, Canada – and permitted us to brainstorm a surgical solution between the three surgeons in response to the situation as it evolved under our hands.

A four hour long surgical journey later (and a new use for the Melles dissectors), we were incredibly impressed by the quality of the live-streamed surgical view under the microscope – in A/Prof Moloney’s own words: “…honestly an amazing experience…it was like I was in the room”.

Thankyou to my co-surgeon Dr Peter Martin and virtual co-surgeon A/Prof Moloney, to the Sydney Eye Hospital staff (who moved heaven and earth at short notice to provide the logistical, surgical instrument and staffing support that made all of this possible), to the Keratoprosthesis team Dr Colin Clement (glaucoma) and Dr Mark Gorbatov (vitreo-retinal) who have welcomed me onto the team, and to my registrars and fellows who co-ordinated so much of the logistics to make this happen. Thankyou also to Dr Ike Ahmed (@ikeahmed) for linking us with the MicroRec team.

(Apologies for the strange taped-up looking photo , the suction of the phone slipped a little before we started, so we had to rapidly reinforce it at a pinch – the new camera adapter should fix this moving forward and we are looking forward to trialing this out. #Innovation)

No financial interest, just incredibly grateful for the technological advances that made this possible.

Here’s to continuing the keratoprosthesis program in Australia xo

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