ASCRS Annual Meeting 2024

💫ASCRS @ascrsofficial 2024 ❤️ was super, super busy. The busiest yet:
-three posters
-two courses
-one film
-one paper
-two wetlabs

And a whole lot in between. A few highlights…

Very grateful to present our cohort of 3980 pterygium patients on the P.E.R.F.E.C.T technique giving the lowest recurrence rates in the largest prospective cohort in the literature (1 in 3980 of primary pterygium, 2 in 3980 for recurrent), as well as extremely low complication rates – thankyou to Professor Hirst for teaching this technique. 

Went to the film festival for the first time as I caught up with @dreyetarib and was very inspired by what I saw – ranging from explanation of such simple steps to highly developed technology solving big problems we have in eye surgery – including a super cute hair clip style gadget to help secure haptics in scleral fixation techniques. Very proud of @dr.pmk who won one of the best films (and matching paper) with her work in Tear Film Biomarkers and A/Prof Smita Agarwal for her very cool LALEX instrument video tackling eoi ingrowth.

Our two courses on Unconscious Gender Bias and Middle Segment Surgery had great engagement – more on this later. I watched @davidlockington speak about his leadership in simulation cataract training and understanding the worldwide differences in cataract surgery training with @filomena_ribeiro_opht discussing why we should be taking simulation training so seriously – David you’re essentially the next Beyonce of Simulation Cataract surgery, I just know it. 

Also we saw the eclipse, which was by far the least exciting thing about Boston – 92% of totality does not really do anything 😂 why did I wait an hour for this anticlimactic moment. And thank you to Boston for turning on the worst inclement weather (of minus several degrees and horizontal sleet rain) on arrival. I did for a moment feel like I would have been quite disappointed if I traveled 20 hours only to pass away unceremoniously in the last five minutes, so thank you to @qantas and @americanairlines for the expert driving and gracefully attempted landings x 2.