Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology 2022 Symposium: Optimising the Management of Common Corneal Conditions

Corneal Symposium (Virtual)

A busy weekend start to the academic year with registrar cataract teaching, the GERSO Refractive Imaging meeting and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology’s (RANZCO) 52nd Annual Meeting, held virtually (luckily, given the torrential rains and floods around the east coast of Australia).

Excited to be able present alongside Professors Stephanie Watson and Richard Mills and Drs Maria Cabrera Aguas, Andrew Apel and Elsie Chan in the Corneal Symposium today, covering corneal transplantation, ocular surface neoplasia, social media, post transplant refractive optimization and more.

Thankyou kindly to Professor Stephanie Watson for the invitation to present amongst a stellar cast of Australian ophthalmologists.

Hoping the borders relax enough safely that we might be able to enjoy the company of talent outside of Australia in Brisbane RANZCO 2022 later this year. Xx