Specsavers Optometry Educational Evening

A night spent delving into the safer management of removing corneal foreign bodies with me and a deep dive into OCT interpretation with Dr Michael Hennessy.

Huge thanks to Cathy our optometry liaison officer for organising such a splendid evening and to Jade our excellent George Street Eye Centre and Laser Eye Surgery Suite Practice Manager for the behind the scenes and making it such a successful event. And the food 😍. Also thanks to @specsaversaustralia for the engagement – We hope that you got a lot out of the evening and feel a lot safer about your techniques 🥰.

I loved teaching our optometrists how to save “Georgie’s” eyes, as well as all of the reasons why I don’t love the diamond burr in untrained hands. You don’t need expensive equipment to safely remove a corneal foreign body, keeping it sterile and simple is best. Taking all of the precautions to comfort the patient, position their eye and steady your hand will make all the difference.



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