Israel Cornea Society Meeting 2023

A warm invitation to speak at the Israeli Corneal Society Meeting this year albeit virtually – next year perhaps!

Dr Michael Mimouni, Chair of the Israeli Cornea Society.

Thankyou to the Chair of the Israeli Cornea Society, Michael Mimouni, and Commitee Organiser Eyal Cohen for the kind invitation to present on “Middle Segment Surgery – A New Horizon” – and special thanks to my mentors in complex anterior segment surgery – Professors and Drs David Rootman, Sadeer Hannush, Joshua Teichman, Ike Ahmed, Dean Ouano, and Steven Safran.

We are extremely fortunate in Australia to have great collaboration between our retina and anterior segment surgeons to provide comprehensive services for our patients with dislocated and subluxated intraocular lenses – and the beauty of each subspecialty being able to add their own niche set of skills to address each patient’s unique needs.

While there will always be cases that sit firmly in either domain, there will also be many, many cases that would benefit from combined complex surgery that focuses on:

– best visual and structural outcomes with the best longevity

– minimization of complications through collaborative and safe/supportive surgical practice and training, and in doing so,

– reduce financial stress, recovery times, and opportunity costs for both patients and their carers.

Interesting and lively discussions ensued about approaches to managing vitreous in the hands of the anterior segment surgeon and I look forward to robust progress in this area as we all strive to be better surgeons than we were.

Until next time, xo