Laser Vision Surgery

Custom laser vision correction surgery can correct almost any refractive vision condition including near sightedness (myopia), far sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism (football shaped cornea).

Vision improvement with laser vision correction can be significant and life changing. Typically, patients receive the very best corrected vision that they had when wearing glasses or contact lenses, except that they now don't need it anymore after having their eyes “done”.

Dr Trinh has had two years of dedicated training in refractive and cornea surgery to be able to bring to you the latest in vision correction techniques. She utilizes an all-laser approach, meaning that the corneal flap is created with a state-of-the-art femtosecond laser, which is significantly safer than the mechanical blade approach. She also uses highly advanced excimer lasers to treat not only your prescription but other aberrations of vision to provide superior day vision quality. Wavefront guided and topography guided treatments are our standard.

An evaluation for suitable candidacy is important, which is provided at our centres to ensure optimum safety for you. Comprehensive consultations will provide a balanced medical opinion of whether this surgery is a good option for your eye, as not everyone is suited to undergo this procedure. For example, very high prescriptions may not necessarily be ideal candidates for this procedure, but there may be other vision correction options available to you which can be discussed during your consultation.