Welcome to the Australian Keratoconus Institute

The Australian Keratoconus Institute is a unique program designed for highly individualised and tailored treatment of keratoconus patients who are seeking greater personalised care with their keratoconus. We also offer support and treatment options to patients with post laser vision correction degeneration and pellucid marginal degeneration disease.

Too often, patients are told that crosslinking and transplantation are their only options or that there are no other options available to them other than contact lenses or glasses. Whilst glasses and contact lens options are fantastic, we believe that all patients deserve to be fully informed of all of their possible options to improve their “corrected” (with glasses or contact lenses) and, where we can, “uncorrected” (without glasses and contact lens) vision.

To do this, we are really proud to have built a program that allows maximal synergy of care between patient, optometrist and ophthalmologist to provide the best outcomes possible for patients. And we know this – because we track and report on everything we do for our patients and are constantly innovating and introducing new technologies in what we can offer.

Headed by Dr Tanya Trinh, the program is supported by researchers, technicians, clinicians and access to the latest technologies in helping to cease or slow down progression of keratoconus and also access visual rehabilitation treatments which are often not available via the public system.

These options include

  • Implantable collamer lenses
  • Rehabilitative laser vision correction options
  • Implantable corneal segments
  • Partial thickness corneal transplantation
  • Full thickness corneal transplantation
  • Transplant rehabilitation medication and surgery
  • Cataract surgery
  • Pinhole lens surgery
  • Secondary additive lens surgery
  • And facilitation of linking patients with highly skilled optometrists with a dedicated interest in specialized contact lens care.

Most of all however, the program has an intense focus in preventative care, education, and offers a program where patients can feel ultimately supported and empowered in their keratoconus journey.

All referrals should be directed to admin@mosmaneyecentre.com.au (Sydney Lower North Shore) or info@georgesteyecentre.com.au (Sydney CBD) or admin@narellaneye.com.au (Southwest Sydney – Narellan area).

Please allow a minimum of two hours for your appointment to encompass all of your measurements and diagnostics, surgeon counselling, risk factor reduction strategy planning and monitoring, as well planning for conservative and surgical treatment options.