Frequently Asked Questions

  • Current referral
  • Glasses, contact lenses or current prescription
  • List of medications and eye drops
  • Medicare card
  • Private Health Fund card
  • DVA or Pension card
  • Any other recent reports, scans or relevant information
  • A pair of sunglasses will be useful as many patients will have their eyes dilated which will make your eyes sensitive to light for a short period of time.

In order to receive your full Medicare rebate, a current referral is required from your referring doctor detailing your medical history and your current eye problem. Please bring this with you on the day of your appointment. If you are unable to obtain a referral, please advise the receptionist upon making your appointment.

In the event of a cancellation, please telephone the office during business hours. We appreciate at least one day’s notice so that we may offer your appointment time to patients on our waiting list.

No. Your eyes will be dilated with special drops and you will temporarily be unable to drive for a few hours following your appointment as your vision will feel blurry and light sensitive. We advise that you bring a family member of friend with you on the day of your appointment to drive. If this is not possible, public transport options are available and our receptionists are happy to help you organize a taxi to get you home.

We greatly value your time, and every effort is made to minimise patient wait times. Please allow approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for your appointment. Dr Trinh does see urgent cases which will arise from time-to-time, which may delay your appointment.

The ophthalmic technician or optometrist will take your medical history, complete the preliminary testing required for your condition and administer the necessary eyedrops. Dr Trinh will then see you for a thorough consultation.

Dr Trinh will routinely send a detailed report to your optometrist and general practitioner after your appointment. Please let the reception know if you would also like a copy.

If you wear special contact lenses for conditions like keratoconus, we ask that you do not wear them on the day of your visit if at all possible. Please bring them with you and be prepared to insert them if and when requested. When planning for surgery, you may be asked to go without your lenses for a period of time to get the best quality scans to plan and calculate your surgery.

In order to assess the surface of your eyes properly, a special dye eyedrop is used on the surface of your eye to detect dryness and irregularities on the eye’s surface and tear film – problems which can degrade vision and, in severe cases, be the cause of pain and ulceration. It is important to know that this dye is very safe, and the green colour does wash off and doesn’t last very long. It is a good suggestion not to wear the colour white on the day of your clinic visit, although it does usually wash out.

We require your consent for the collection of your personal information which is conducted in accordance with the Privacy Act and Privacy guidelines. New patients are asked to complete a patient registration form outlining this information required. This information is required for effective management of your medical issues and for administrative purposes such as communicating with Medicare, your referring health care provider and your private healthcare fund.

Dr Trinh is always happy to see uninsured patients. For your peace of mind, the clinic provides a full and open estimate of fees before any procedure. There are numerous treatment options for people without health insurance including outpatient surgery, so please don’t let that be a barrier to seeking treatment.

Dr Trinh currently performs day surgery at East Sydney Private Hospital, George Street Eye Centre, Binneter Eye Centre and Liverpool Eye Hospital.

For public patients, please contact the Sydney Eye Hospital on (02) 9382 7111 and ask to speak with the Corneal Fellow.

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