Ocular Surface Reconstruction and Keratoprosthesis

Patient requiring this sort of surgery are classically patients who have suffered from severe chemical or thermal burns to the eye, severe medication reactions, treatment of ocular cancers, or contact lens overwear syndrome where medical therapies have failed to restore the surface.

Doctor Trinh is trained in the latest techniques to restore the delicate environment of the ocular surface.

Most of this work will be performed at Sydney Eye Hospital and may involve transplantation of different ocular tissues, such as the cornea and conjunctiva, which have been donated from another individual. Amniotic membrane is also used for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties to help regenerate the surface of the of the eye.

In extremely severe and rare cases, the use of technologies to restore vision, such as the Boston Keratoprosthesis (artificial cornea) or the Osteo-Odonto-Keratoprosthesis (tooth-in-eye), may be necessary. Dr Trinh sees these patients at the dedicated K-Pro Clinic based monthly at the Sydney Eye Hospital with a multidisciplinary team of retina, glaucoma and plastic surgery specialists and referrals for such patients are invited via Mosman Eye Centre.