20th International SCHWIND User Meeting

Kickstarting 2024 with my first international meeting – attending the @schwind.laser Schwind User Meeting held in Dubai – some amazing memories, lots of learning to be had, and so lovely to meet some new friends and colleagues.

There is so much happening in the laser space (LASIK, LALEX, PRK) and the speed at which technology is developing is making the laserscape such a wondrous and exciting space to be in, delivering faster surgery, better diagnostics, higher accuracy, smoother profiles, less inflammation and more rapid recovery for patients.

We are so fortunate to be living in a time where many companies are heavily invested in this technology, encouraging each other to be better and do better – Schwind in particular is a company known for selectively choosing their technologies and taking them to the nth degree, which I really respect.

I was super excited to meet Dr Shady Awwad @dr.shady.awwad in person as well as Mr Schwind himself, as well as hear from @kishore_raj_pradhan and his expertise again.

Here’s a little snippet of the brief whirlwind conference x

Thankyou, Mr Schwind 🙂 It was so very lovely to meet you.